Powder coating service:

We can powder coat any steel or aluminium item, which is upto the size of 6.5 metres maximum.

This can include shutters, shop fronts, canopies etc…


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At Arya Powder Coating, we can powder coat any metal item that can hold the electrostatic charge required to append the powder which is sprayed on. It must be able to withstand the elevated levels of heat of the curing process (up to 200°C.) The most common types of metal we powder coat are aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, electroplated steel and steel alloys.


We accept orders for the PARTS and areas of any of the following, provided their maximum size is 1.4 meters (height) by 6.5 meters (length), as they must fit in our oven.


Please note: We do NOT use any other source for the curing process other than the furnace.


Products we can powder coat:

1. Architectural Aluminum

2. Agricultural Equipment

3. Air Conditioning Equipment

4. Automotive Equipment (Exterior Trim)

5. Automotive Equipment (Underbody, Interior)

6. Camping Equipment

7. Car/Alloy Wheels

8. Ceiling Panels

9. Cladding

10. Control Cabinets

11. Dairy Equipment

12. Display Equipment

13. Domestic Appliances

14. Electric Cookers

15. Electric Switchboxes

16. Fencing

17. Fire Extinguishers18. Freezers

19. Garden Furniture

20. Garage Equipment

21. Gymnasium Equipment

22. Hospital Equipment

23. Heating & Ventilating Equipment

24. Laboratory Equipment

25. Lawn Mowers

26. Light Fittings

27. Machine Parts

28. Motorcycles

29. Office/Home Furniture

30. Partitioning

31. Radiators32. Refrigerators

33. Shelving

34. Shop fittings – shutters, canopies, shopfronts, shop signs, panels, steel doors

35. Tools

36. Toys

37. Tractor Cabs

38. Tubular Furniture

39. Transport Containers

40. Utensils

41. Vending Machines

42. Washing Machines

43. Wire Goods